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 Foundation Females
Rocky Mountain 
German Shepherds

About Us
The females used in our breeding program are from only the top European bloodlines. We select females with a high level of social aptitude, strong steady character, high trainability, courage and very correct structure according to the German standard. 
The majority of our females are imported from all around Europe.
We retire our females at an early age from our breeding program, and make them available to new homes, as our priority is for them to receive a forever home while they are still young and
 viable for new endeavors.

German Import

German Import
European Import
German Import
German Import
For Sale
European Import
HD-a normal
Polish Import
Havana Denbrix
Czech Import
HD 0/0 ED 0/0
Havana's Pedigree (sister)
German Import
Sire: Vyborny Ox z Jirkova dvora ZVV1 IPO3 KKL1
Dam: Brixie Girmido IPO3, KKL2
Czech Import
Neida van Noort
Neida's Pedigree
Sire: V Isko vom Noort SchH3 KKL1
Dam: V Evite van Noort SchH1 KKL1
Malla Od Slankemena
Czech Import

X-Tra zGaragamellu
Grasa vom Arapol
Lorena vom Zellwaldrand
Polish Import
European Import
European Import
Zambia Adrianka

prelims Excellent
Sire: VA1 Iliano vom Fichtenschlag SchH3 KKL1
German Import

V Geisha vom Messina IPO1 KKL1
German Import
V Gira aus der Schwedenstadt IPO1 KKL1
"a" fast normal
Gira's Pedigree
"a" normal
SIRE: VA Omen v. Radhaus SchH3 KKL1
Geisha's Pedigree
Grasa's Pedigree
"a" normal
SIRE: V Aslan vom Turkenkopf IPO3 KKL1
DAM: V Waifa vom Zellwaldrand SchH1 KKL1
Graffitti Moravia Klenot
Czech Import
SIRE: V Chulligan Jack Moravia Campanella IPO2
DAM: V Cloody z Udoi Upy IPO3